We believe in long-term, honest business relationships and invest time to get to know each one of our candidates. Our candidates will be assigned a consultant from the outset, providing you with round-the-clock career advice, market knowledge and interview preparation, whilst ensuring you receive the most competitive rates available.

Candidate Support Service

We provide an additional service to candidates that need extra help and advice. This can be updating their skills, boosting confidence and supporting writing curriculum vitae. Our objective to help people that are looking for work finds jobs, get the training to be able to support local business in employing skilled motivated local workers.

We will work with you to build and develop a plan of action which could include:

  • Help you write your curriculum vitae
  • Provide careers advise
  • Linking you up with local employers
  • Additional training to fill skills gaps
  • Liaise with colleges on your behalf

Return To Work Programme

We provide a return to work programme that helps individuals who have taken a career break to prepare to re-enter the workforce.

We refresh skills through:

  • leadership and development training
  • mentorship
  • networking opportunities
  • paid working role for the programme’s duration
  • Job seeking skills these are group workshops that include CV writing, interview techniques and managing the transition to full-time employment
  • E-learning resource centre this online training tool supports the workshops and gives access to resources 24/7
  • Career coaching this one to one counselling provide emotional support, help to build confidence and raise aspirations, as well as providing skills assessment
  • Re-training this will identify vocational training and further education needs following on from skills assessments
  • Achieving jobs for the long term unemployed
  • Career advice and work placements.

Monthly Payment Dates
for 2024/25

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